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Haitian Jupiter Series
Two Plate Hybrid Injection Molding Machine (450Ton ~ 8600Ton)

Standard Equipment List

Clamping Unit

  • Four cylinder, two platen clamping structure
  • 5 Stage Mold Open/Close pressure, speed and position control
  • Electrical and hydraulic mold close safety device.
  • Centralized greasing system
  • Self adjusting moving platen support
  • Parallel locking system between the tib-bars permit rapid, precise response, which saves a lot of time when mold replace.
  • Diagonally opposed cylinders for fast mold movement
  • Direct hydraulic mold height adustment function
  • Patented highly rigid platen design
  • Proportional hydraulic Mold Open/Close control
  • Pressure limited mold open break function.
  • Hydraulic and electrical Clamp over stroke protection
  • Multi-point twin cylinder hydraulic ejection system
  • Ejector coupling for mechanical retraction.
  • Adjustable Ejector backward stroke
  • Mold Opening and ejector forward function
  • Clamping pressure sensor
  • Split Nut tie bar locking function
  • Mechanical safety for lock nut to tie bar locating
  • Anti-slip aluminum cover
  • Tie bar protection cover
  • Reduced clamping force during power disconnection.

Hydraulic System

  • High quality gear pump
  • Low pressure mold protection function
  • Fast molding closing function
  • Proportional Mold Open/Close valve
  • Oil over temperature alarm
  • Imported high quality components
  • By-pass oil filtration
  • Sequential pump control for energy saving
  • 2 x Air ejection Valve
  • 2 x Hydraulic Core Valve (1200~1400 Ton)
  • 3 x Hydraulic Core Valve (1600~2800 Ton)
  • 4 x Hydraulic Core Valve (3300~6600 Ton)
  • Mold water interface - 8 fixed and 8 moving
    (1200 ~ 2400 Ton)
  • Mold water interface - 16 fixed and 16 moving
    (2800~6600 Ton)

Electrical Control System

  • Internal mold data memory
  • Robot interface
  • Unattended operation lockout switch
  • PID barrel heating with preset time start up
  • SSR barrel heater control
  • High precision transducers for Mold open/close, Injection, Ejection and Mold Clamping.
  • High precision diplacement sensor (1600~6600 Ton )
  • Techmation C7000 contol system ( 1200~1600 Ton )
  • KEBA 4030 control system ( 1600~6000 Ton )
  • External mold saving connection
  • Host computer interface
  • Printer connection
  • Self diagnostic and inspection system.
  • 3 auxiliary power sockets
  • Emergency stop safety
  • Oil level device with alarm
  • Fast acting fuses for barrel heater protection
  • Internal connection for Gas injection interface
  • Safety covers for internal wiring
  • Warning alarm light


  • Flexible Clamping Unit to Injection Unit combinations
  • Closed loop Moog Valve Injection control
  • Special Screw for specific applications
  • Mold temperature controller
  • Spring type shut-off nozzle
  • Accumulator assisted injection
  • Injection valve gate ( Hydaraulic or Pneumetic )
  • Mold hot runner controller
  • Platen Heat barrier
  • Mold cooling water regulator
  • Material dehumidifier
  • Hopper Magnet
  • Hydraulic mold clamping
  • Magnetic mold clamping

Injection Unit

  • Balanced, twin injection unit cylinders
  • Symmetrically opposed injection unit cylinders
  • Injection Unit safety guarding
  • Purge cover with safety switch
  • Protective cover for the heating barrel
  • Time clock barrel heating start function
  • Additional extended nozzle (1200~2100Ton)
  • Mechanical adjustment for nozzle centering
  • Injection unit auto operating mode
  • Material feeder with drying unit.
  • High torgue hydraulic screw motor
  • Screw RPM display
  • Special screw with mixing device better plasticizing and color dispersion.
  • Proportional back pressure control
  • Automatic purge function
  • 6 stages for injection speed with pressure and position control
  • 5 stages for holding pressure with speed and time control
  • 3 stages for plasticizing speed with pressure and position control
  • Aluminium anti-slip covers
  • Chromium plating screw and nitrodil barrel
  • Nitrodil screw and barrel ( over 170mm)


  • Haitian standard color
  • Adjustable machine levelling device
  • Standard machine tool box
  • Standard spare parts
  • Tools for machine maintenance
  • Safety Plate with pump interrupt for mold area (2400~6600 ton)
  • Safety Beam with pump interrupt for mold area (1600~6600 Ton)
  • Automatic operator side safety gate
  • Fully enclosed clamping unit guarding system
  • Externally mounted lubrication device for easy access.

Energy Saving Technology
Haitian's JU/j series energy saving plastic injection molding machines incorporate and extend the excellent features and performance of our JU series machines. Equipped with a patented servo motor controlled hydraulic system, providing excellent energy savings compared to traditional hydraulically controlled machines on the market today.
Haitian JU Series Energy Saving Technology
Advantages of the servo motor controlled hydraulic system
The hydraulic system is self-optimizing and only delivers the actual process requirement, without wasted energy. During the cycle the closed loop system will continually vary and optimize the flow and pressure requirement for the process. If no movement is required during the cycle, the system will stop, which significantly reduces power consumption. Typically power saving of 20%~80% is achievable, which is dependent on the process cycle parameters.

Jupiter Series Machine size
Major advantages of the JU/j series machines
Equipped with energy efficient servo motor Technology and robust gear pumps, the JU/j series machines are optimized for peak performance. Haitian’s patented servo motor technology system ensures superior performance compared to machines on the market today.

The motors are cooled by air or oil which provide Stable and lower operating noise compared to normal electric motors. The compact size of the servo system provides more space with ease of access compared to traditional systems. The hydraulic system is optimized for quick response and Energy efficiency. The clamping system utilizes servo control with pressure feedback for constant and effective control throughout the cycle. Major benefits can be observed during the hold pressure phase of the cycle. The motors only provide oil flow which is required for maintaining pressure stability, which greatly reduces energy consumption.

Another benefit of the JU/j series is the overall Operating noise levels. The machine is much quieter compared to traditional machines, providing for a better work environment. The overall service life is extended due to the lower oil movement through the hydraulic system. The cooling requirement for the System is 80% less than traditional systems, which is better for the environment and conserves water consumption.
Haitian JU Series
Clamping Unit
  • Fast mold height adjustment using tie bar multi-position locking.
  • 4 independent short stroke clamping cylinders for fast clamp force generation.
  • Shorter dry cycle times.
  • Faster clamp pressure release with accurate mold break control.
  • Higher mold weight carrying capacity with patented moving platen support mechanism.
  • Redesigned base frame for higher rigidity and fixed platen support
  • New tie bar locking system for faster movement and precise control
  • Tie bars remain inside the moving platen for higher precision and platen parallelism

Platen Bush
  • Redesign High Pressure Cylinder
  • Reduced Cylinder Oil Volume
  • Reduced build up and release pressure times
  • 2 Platen Bushes for better support

New Tie Bar
  • Independent clamping cylinder design permits the tie to move out
  • Tie Bar Lock Nut System

Mold Weight Capacity Comparison
Model Maximum Mold Weight (kg) Maximum Moving Platen Mold Weight (kg)
12000 20000 14000
13000 23000 15500
14000 27000 18000
16000 33000 22000
18500 40000 27000
21000 50000 34000
24000 59000 40000
28000 66000 44000
33000 75000 50000
4000 86000 60000

Injection Unit
Redesign Injection Unit
  • Linear guidance for accurate and independent movement
  • Strong injection base with independent movement from the screw drive support
  • Single screw for fine adjustment

Hydraulic System
Optimized Servo Size
  • New 75kw and 110kw motors provide reduction in drive motors
    and flexibility of machine size configurations
    · 2 X 37kw = 1 x 75kw
    · 3 X 45kw = 1 x 110kw + 1 X 37kw
    · 2 X 55kw = 1 x 110kw

Optimized Injection unit piping
  • Integrated pump with valve moved into the machine base frame

Control System
New high speed controller
  • High speed 1.4 GHz CPU
  • Easily configurable for different applications
  • Standard interfaces - CAN,KeNet,KeBus,Sercos etc
  • LCD color touch screen – 12” standard ( 15” is optional)

Modular control cabinet design
  • Optimized parts arrangement

Specification Product
JU 12000/8400 view JU 13000/10600 view
JU 14000/10600 view JU 16000/14600 view
JU 18500/14600 view JU 21000/19300 view
JU 24000/37000 view JU 28000/50000 view
JU 33000/62000 view JU 40000/88000, JU 40000/106000 view
JU 66000/518000 view Haitian Jupiter 12000~16000 Machine dimensions view
Haitian Jupiter 18500~24000 Machine dimensions view Haitian Jupiter 28000~66000 Machine dimensions view

Presentation Movie
JU13000 view
JU16000 view
JU33000 view